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What starts out as three separate stories, eventually falls into two and then, finally, one very disturbing tale of survival.


First, there’s Mr. Theodore, an artist who’s at the top of his game. He’s the best there is at his particular brand of art, and he knows it. He takes great pride in his work and each piece of art gets the same care and attention to detail as the last.


Second, there are four of the riches men in the world. But it seems these billionaires have become bored and have lost the thrill of spending money. Without the anxiety of buyer’s remorse, they need to find a pastime that will bring a certain nervous excitement to their next purchase.


Third, there’s Razzle, a regular at the Burning Man festival held in the California desert. It’s his unique business that puts his brother, Mr. Theodore, to work and allows the wealthy to invest in a rare opportunity to go hunting. The trophy in this case is a Tsantsa, more commonly known as a shrunken human head.


Then there’s Page, who by no choice of her own, is thrust into the middle of these three stories melding into one.  She is next in line to be one of Mr. Theodore’s finest creations. The Tsantsa ordered by none other than her own husband. By sheer will, and a little luck on her side, she breaks free of her prison only to be “rescued” by our four billionaires. Will she make it out alive?

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