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When a mysterious alarm is heard over the entire planet, the people of earth begin to panic when they realize that the noise isn't man made.  When it's discovered that the terrible sound is heard from Washington to London, from Korea to the South Pole, and from Australia to Greenland, we find our planet's population in an instant state of chaos.  It isn't long before earth realizes that something strange is afoot.  


When otherworldly craft begin to emerge from our oceans and suddenly overtake the female population, it's all a dorm full of female students can do to keep themselves hidden.  In a unique spin on the "Diary of Anne Frank", our young ladies find themselves with far more dangerous things to deal with than the inconveniences of staying put.   Replacing Nazi's with otherworldly beings, this tale strikes a chord with anyone who fears being caught by the evil lurking in the dark.


* It’s the fear of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs” meets Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” with strong female characters  in their harrowing final fight for existence.

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