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Live long - die young!


On the run for a secret the government can’t let out… Genesis Factor is a futuristic look at the troublesome, but exhilarating consequences of scientific and medical technologies.


Having invented the Genesis Treatment 183 years ago, Hanlee has had his share of problems, because of it.  This is a treatment that allows the ability of reversing our aging process.


Toted as “the closest thing to the fountain of youth”, the Genesis Law was passed allowing the upstanding members of society (those without criminal records) to report to a Genesis Station on his or her 100th birthday. It is at this time that the individual will go through a gene therapy treatment, which reverses that person's aging process.


At that moment, the individual's body will begin reversing in age at the same rate it matured.  As the years pass, that person’s youth will return to the point in which the individual dies, as an infant in an incubator, on his or her 200th birthday.


Sure, it sounds great, but when you follow up with The Genesis Cure, which allows people to live forever, someone like the government might have something to say about it.  With the concerns of overpopulation now an actual risk, it was decided the best thing to do was lock up Hanlee before knowledge of his discovery can be released.


On the run with a 25-year-old assassin named Suzi, Hanlee’s adventure is only matched by his awkward relationship with his former love, Yuki in the body of a 7 year old, and his new budding love for Suzi, who is technically more than a century his junior.

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