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American politician Alexander Pendrick is suffering from late stage cancer. The only hope left in his world now, is the recent discovery that his believed-to-be-dead wife, is very much alive and about to be released as a political prisoner.  With time running out, it's his final wish to see his wife once more. Unfortunately, this harrowing trip to the South Pacific turns disastrous when his plane goes down into the South China Sea.


Fortunately, he finds himself washed ashore of a small tropical island which is owned by the reclusive Dr. Moreau, head of the controversial Moreau Pharmaceutical company. Here, Pendrick will have direct access to experimental drugs which are promised to cure his cancer. But much to his dismay, Pendrick learns of the disturbing animal experiments being performed on the island...experiments that cross breed animals into hybrid human-like creatures. Can Pendrick trust that the medical treatments he's receiving are what they were promised, or will his disease change him into a creature only the likes a mad scientist could conceive?

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