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After his daughter Diana went missing during her backpack trip through eastern Europe, a Silicone Valley tech-mogul, Luther Brooks, decides to bring in Mr. Monarch, the most unorthodox private investigator the world has ever seen, for one last attempt to find her or at least bring home a body for closure.

When the assistant to the billionaire suggests Monarch’s candidacy, she’s flown to Chili to summon him. When she arrives to find him performing an unusual procedure on a local child, he lives up to his bizarre reputation. With a pair of tongs, he removes a two-foot-long, live snake from the boy's throat, only adding to his mysterious prominence.

Following a "My employer wants to meet you and willing to pay whatever..." scenario, we find Monarch on board of the private jet flying to Cupertino to meet with the mogul. During the flight, he reads a strange book on supernatural cultural phenomenas and relics. When pressed further on the subject, he replies, that this has become a passion-project of his for many years now, as he collects stories, documents on a mystery known as the tree of death. Much like with ying/yang or plus/minus, if there is a tree of life then there must be a tree of death....

On the failure of the initial trips taken by top notch experts in the field, the assistant is now certain Monarch is their man. As similar scenarios may occur when put in the same condition, the assistant is sure Monarch will fall where Diana has fallen... following a universal Karma that always kicks in when mystical things align.

Taking the job without promising the mogul results, he then flies to the nation of Georgia, where the daughter originally landed. Then, based on intel he's gathered, Monarch crosses the border by car to Armenia, where she’d been last seen...

An odd phenomena occurs while he’s driving in the mountains of Armenia, and almost runs over an elderly woman selling fruit by the road. As he pulls to a sharp left to avoid collision, the car begins moving by itself, like a magnetic pull that many claim happens in isolated ares of the ancient nation.... The car ultimately impacts a huge tree...

This triggers a completely unique cinematic style of visuals to an otherworldly realm. It's as if he's suddenly in a place as remote as the moon.

Traveling through the backdrops of the unseen Armenian churches, cross- tombstones, and clouds going through these high, mountainous areas to tell a unique, unfolding horror story that brings the viewer between two worlds, the real and the unreal.

This “station” between life and death, he’s found himself in, will ultimately lead him to Diana, who is half-out of her mind, but has survived by camouflaging into the local landscapes, and endured by eating off the strange world they both now occupy.

He finds her while going through a cross-stone cemetery, when suddenly a texture on the stone moves and he realizes a camouflage is active.

He will save her but has to stay behind to burn the tree from the inside, so that the portal into this “mid-station” is sealed for all time. Or is it.

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