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Vehicular is an edge-of-your-seat, satirical thriller that will keep audiences guessing. The script hits all its dramatic beats at the right moments, subverting expectations and pushing its protagonist to his limits. The story is deeply reflective of the disillusionment felt by everyday people in this current economic and political climate, yet it provides sheer escapism. It poses the question, "What would you do if everything fell apart around you, and the restrictions of logic were extinguished? How far would you go to take revenge on those who wronged you?" Mann begins the story as an average Joe who has been walked upon, only to retaliate violently and transition into a twisted avenger of sorts. In many ways the story is like a superhero origin film for fans of psychological thrillers.


Our aim is to create a film that places us in the mindset of a regular guy turned mad man and take audiences on a roller-coaster ride. They will emerge from theaters feeling guilty that they enjoyed watching someone's violent descent into chaos. But most importantly, they will feel empathy for the protagonist and feel moved by his ultimate self-redemption. Despite all its carnage, Vehicular is primarily a performance-driven film. It will require an actor of immense range, personality and magnetism to carry viewers through to its violent conclusion with a sense of connection.


We envision the film as a visual tour de force. The fact that most of the story is set in a vehicle is an interesting challenge for maintaining a cinematic sensibility. Yet much like Buried, I aim to utilize special vehicle rigs and visual effects to make the interior of Mann's car its own special world. The story is constantly moving, and so too will the camera, not in a disorientating fashion, but via uniquely subjective and immersive techniques. We want to put the audience behind the wheel with Mann.


Vehicular is a film with great potential. Much like Falling Down, Fight Club and Collateral, it is a darkly-comedic, character-driven, action-thriller that appeals to an increasingly cynical generation.

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